The Real Life Math Series

Our Real Life Math Series consists of grade specific Common Core activity books. Each grade level book has more than 20 real life math activities and journal prompts that directly match up to a Common Core Standard for the grade. Students will experience every standard in the context of a real-life activity. Your students' engagement and interest level in math will reach an all-time high.

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What is the Real Life Math Series?

The Real Life Math Series is a collection of activities specific to each grade packaged in a student workbook. Each book contains over 20 activities that corresponds to every specific Common Core Standard. Each student will see how every standard relates to math in the real world. Teachers can either use the lessons as a final activity to sum up what the students learned about that standard or as a discovery/inquiry lesson to begin the exploration of the standard. The beautiful thing about Real Life Math is that it is not simply a book of worksheets that students read and solve with "real life" brought in on a word problem. Each lesson has an activity that students will do and become completely engaged in. After students do the activity and complete the lesson, there is a journal page where they will be prompted to respond and write about what they learned in the lesson. To put it simply, Real Life Math is the most complete way to get students engaged in every common core standard, make sure they understand it, and get them to summarize their knowledge. There truly is nothing like it.

Why is using Real Life Math important?

Students do not know why Math exists. This is why Make Math More exists. It is our mission to help students see that Math helps us explain and better understand the world around us. Make Math More has made it a mission to assist in fostering a generation that understands this. Students everywhere in the United States and beyond are simply not learning why Math exists or why they have to learn it at all. They often feel like they are being turned into robots stuck in a cycle of notes, practice problems, worksheets, and then rinse and repeat. Even if your classroom is not stuck in this cycle, it has become increasingly difficult to bring in real life elements into the classroom. Make Math More's Real Life Series is doing everything it can to correct this and make real life math a steady part of math classrooms.

What Do Teachers Think?

The following are some of the many testimonials that I have received about Make Math More's lessons.

My students are hands-on and your lessons have been great for them. The lessons have made math enjoyable in my classroom.
The lessons were easy to follow and provided the teacher's guides. The students loved working with them!
I was looking for more engaging and interactive ways to teach math to my students. I love your Real-Life Math Lessons!
The Real Life Lessons were great! My kids really got into it. We posted the work around the room. Thanks!

These lessons are fun, creative, and will get students interested in math. If you've ever experienced a student asking the question "When will I ever use this in math?", this website is the answer.
Woo-hoo! My very mathaphobic students just said this was cool!
Your website and ideas are exactly what I've been looking for. The only thing better than your website is your timely customer service.
THANKS Matt for all the time and effort you put into these lessons. They are a life saver and I love all the real-world applications.

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How To Order The Real-Life Math Series

Ordering information is included with each physical and digital Free Evaluation copy that is sent out. Fill out the above form to receive your free evaluation copy either emailed to you as a PDF, sent to your school as a physical book, or both. Pricing and ordering information are included in both.

We are currently only accepting orders for our 7th Grade Real-Life Math book which will begin shipping to schools this summer in time for the 2014/15 school year. 6th and 8th Grade books will be available for purchase the following school year.

Real Life Math Books:

Coming 2015
22 Lessons:
  • RP.1 - The Ratio of Chorus
  • RP.2 - Math Mystery Crime Case
  • RP.3 - Shopping Stacked Discounts
  • RP.3 - Percentage of Change in Chewing Gum
  • NS.1&3 - Temperature Exploration
  • NS.2&3 - The Danger of Credit Cards
  • EE.1&2 - The Business Of Math
  • EE.4&3 - Creating and Cracking the Code
  • G.1 - Dream Room
  • G.2 - Engineering With Triangles
  • G.3 - Geometry Everywhere
  • G.4 - Discovering Pi
  • G.5 - Skateboarding Angles
  • G.6 - The Box Design Challenge
  • SP.1 - Inquiry Sampling Part 1
  • SP.3 - Inquiry Sampling Part 2
  • SP.3 - Overlapping Interests
  • SP.4 - Boys Vs. Girls
  • SP.5 - Predicting Probabilities
  • SP.6 - Winning A Game With Probability
  • SP.7 - Shuffling Probability
  • SP.8 - Probability Of Rock Paper Scissors
Coming 2015

What is Make Math More?

Make Math More was started by myself, Matt Kitchen (a current middle school math teacher) six years ago. I began creating real life based math lessons when I first started teaching 8 years ago and began sharing them online. Thousands of teachers around the world have used my lessons to make an impact in their students lives. These teachers have purchased lessons which made it financially possible for me to create my Real-Life Math Series. When I first started Make Math More the dream was to create enough lessons and collect them into grade specific activity and journal books so teachers would have a structured way of incorporating real life math into their classroom. It has been a long journey, but thanks to the amazing support of teachers who have found, paid for, used and loved my lessons, it has finally become a reality. Thank you to all those who have supported my cause of fostering a generation of students who know the purpose of math - to help them explain and better understand the world around them.


Please feel free to contact me with any and all inquiries. Call Toll Free: 1-877-870-0093 or email. I call and email back the same day. If I am not teaching a math class then I am taking care of my customers.