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Customer Testimonials

My kids are hands on and your lessons have been great for them. The lessons have made math enjoyable in my classroom!

Rachel Seiden, Math Teacher

Your website and ideas are exactly what I have been looking for. The only thing better than your website is your timely customer service!

Mitch Mencis, Math Teacher

I was looking for a more engaging ways to interactive ways to teach math to my students. I love your Real-Life Math Lessons!

Nikki, Math Teacher

The lessons were easy to follow and provided all necessary supplies and teacher's guide.The students loved working with them!

Kathy, Math Teacher

This is awesome!! There are so many options for real-life math practice. The kids were totally engaged with the first couple activities I chose. I love it! Thank you so much for the great ideas!

Laura, Math Teacher

My students were engaged extremely well with the activity and the concept really sunk in!

Andy, Math Teacher

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I offer a full money back guarantee because I stand behind my lessons and I am fully confident in them. I am confident because I use them when I teach and thousands of teachers around the world have also used them with great success. That being said, if you use the lessons found on Make Math More and they do not increase the engagement in your class and you honestly feel like your students did not gain anything from them then email me at the email address at the top of the page and I will return your money to you even if you already downloaded lessons (requests must be made within 30 days of purchase). I process all refunds within 24 hours so buy with confidence.